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About Deviant BrookeFemale/United States Groups :iconjustin--bieber: Justin--Bieber
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United States
Favourite genre of music: pop
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Touch 4g
Wallpaper of choice: :iconunicornreality:
Favourite cartoon character: Spongebob
Personal Quote: Ugh,... Hey Everyone!,Haha.I saw like a
So this week i stayed with my best freind Jada.. (pokemin100)
because i never get to c her.. she lives far away...  oh this was all at night time that we did.. lol

Monday: Went to the beach with pokemin100... Her moms freind is a  professional photographer so we had a photo shoot on the beach....
Pokemin100 has stairs in her house and i was sliding down the rail.. and i fell so i ran to her moms freind and said omg i fell off the raircase .. so now pokemin100 makes fun of me for saying raircase instead of staircase..

Tuesday: Went to go see a movie...

Wednesday: pokemin100s moms freind kept making scary noises by are door and i opened the door and she scared the hell outto me and i fell back onto a chair and fell on the floor and pokemin100 is just sitting on the bed laughed at me.. while im on the floor...

Thursday:   I stole this story from (pokemin100) but this happened when i spent the night...
okay so me and pokemin100 are just hangin out and stuff, and so I decide to go out in the hallway and stomp around to annoy pokemin100's mom's friend downstairs
and she comes up and asks us if we did it
we say like no and stuff
we all go ask pokemin100's bro/~a45oo if he did it
he said no
then ~a45oo gets super freaked out and starts crying really bad.. I start to fill bad cus im the one who did it and they think its a ghost so me and pokemin100 start acting really scared...
then our mom's friend asks me to stomp around and see if the lamp would move (cuz she said it did the first time)
and the lamp didn't move.. cus i wasnt stomping in the same spot and i wasnt stomping as hard as the first time ;)
and ~a45oo starts crying more
so then we all go downstairs, and then this is where it starts to get creepy.
we're just sitting downstairs talking quietly, and then we hear something from upstairs, kinda like a door knob twisting.
But this time me and pokemin100 had nothing to do with it...
we're really creeped out.
But we never told them it was us so now they think theres a ghost...

My new favorite song: Lose control by Keri Hilson.. pokemin100 hates this song because i listen to it alllll the time...
  • Mood: High
  • Listening to: Lose Control
  • Eating: Nothing havent eaten yet today
  • Drinking: Nothing...

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